Please help us to make GPIL German Practice in International Law a valuable source of current information on the views and practice of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of public international law.

We are inviting government officials, international law practitioners, judges, professors, PhD researchers and advanced law students to:

  • contribute case studies on the German position on current issues of international law
  • critically engage with and comment on published case studies
  • provide us with documents of the executive branch of the German Government and decisions of the German courts addressing questions of international law
  • tell us of any Germany-related international law news

The rules for contributing to GPIL can be found below. Please send all contributions to

Rules for contributing to GPIL

  1. GPIL is not a blog for the general discussion of questions of international law. All case studies and comments must centre on the international law position of the Federal Republic of Germany on a particular current event, incident or development.
  2. Case studies must be written in English of a good quality and must provide a narrative that situates the German position in its wider factual and political context. At the core of each case study stands the text of a German Government document or statement. Where applicable, case studies also record the reactions of other States and provide an analysis and a legal assessment of the German position. Please follow the GPIL Style Guide and format of existing case studies. All submissions are subject to editorial review.
  3. All case studies must be fully referenced. Please use footnotes. Footnotes will not appear in the online version of GPIL – German Practice in International Law but will appear in the annual print publication.
  4. There is no fixed limit for the length of case studies. Published case studies have been between 500 and 6000 words (excluding footnotes). Longer case studies may by published, if the topic so warrants in the judgment of the general editor.
  5. Please submit your case study as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc/*.docx). The main body of the text should be typed single‑spaced in 12‑point font, Times New Roman, with indentations rather than line returns between paragraphs . All text should be left-aligned and any document, statement or court decision should be indented. Footnotes should be typed single‑spaced in 10‑point font, Times New Roman. Please use the GPIL template to prepare your manuscript for submission.
  6. If this is your first time contributing to GPIL, please submit in a separate Microsoft Word file a brief bio (maxmum of 350 characters with spaces). Please also submit a black and white photo of yourself. We will create a contributor profile which will appear at the end of each of your case studies.
  7. In contributing a case study to GPIL you agree to grant us a royalty-free, exclusive license to publish your case study both online on GPIL – German Practice in International Law and in the annual print publication. You remain the owner of the copyright of your contribution and you will be identified as the author of the case study both on the website and in the print publication. You may purchase copies of the print publication at the authors’ discount.
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