GPIL – The Statistics for 2020

Published: 08 January 2021 Author: Stefan Talmon

As it seems to have become customary for blogs to publish the statistics at the beginning of the year, we are happy to share the 2020 statistics for GPIL:

  • Posts published: 81
  • Visitors: 37,109                                 
  • Visits: 126,988
  • Average hits per post: 288
  • Subscribers to newsletter: 229

The top-ten posts in 2020

  1. The intricacies of maritime boundary delimitation: Germany’s one-sided response to the Turkey-Libya MoU on delimitation of the maritime jurisdiction areas in the Mediterranean (3537 hits)
  2. The U.S. killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani: of wrong trees and red herrings, and why the killing may be lawful after all (2144)
  3. Germany confirms non-recognition of “Nagorno-Karabakh Republic” (1412)
  4. Germany goes back on earlier statements on the international legal status of Nagorno-Karabakh (856)
  5. Germany considers U.S. extraterritorial sanctions illegal (731)
  6. Germany favours substantial reform of the Energy Charter Treaty (696)
  7. “Like pirates” – Turkey accuses Germany of illegally boarding its merchant vessel on the high seas (679)
  8. Misreading Nicaragua: The German position on State responsibility in connection with arms exports (643)
  9. Intervention by invitation: the German view of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the civil war in Yemen (593)
  10. Germany’s position on decommissioning oil platforms in the North Sea: Brent Spar Revisited? (546)

Many thanks to our contributors and readers!

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  • Stefan Talmon

    Stefan Talmon is Professor of Public Law, Public International Law and European Union Law, and Director at the Institute of Public International Law at the University of Bonn. He is also a Supernumerary Fellow of St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and practices as a Barrister from Twenty Essex, London. He is the editor of GPIL.

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